Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arcade Fire • Broken window

'keep the car running' / 'broken window'

I am full on in love with this album...we're taking walks everyday, it's sleeping over, I'm neglecting work...things couldn't be more perfect. I don't think we got along at first...we we hesitated, it seemed like it would work out. Maybe that's why we didn't give in so easy. It seemed like a sure thing, and it was. I'm glad I just gave in, this new album feels like NY, walking down the street. There are no songs to skip ahead. I don't even mind 'no cars go' it's even better the second time around.
I was standing in line at the shake shack and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It should be playing on every speaker, turning manhattan into a huge amplifier, we can all be backup singers...and I haven't even started really thinking about this album lyrically.

I forget who told me this but (I think it was Mike) the first album was arcade fire via bowie 1970, this new album is arcade fire via springsteen 1980. I know exactly what he means.

So there's this new single which keep being delayed, but this release date of 4/2 is pretty close so I'm going to say that's really the release date...can't wait to hear this non album track...
There's a few places it's for sale (almost): Norman records, what records, etc
Of course all overseas, I'm sure it will be imported, or just bite the bullet, they are a historic band.
Limited edition numbered 7" vinyl backed with "Broken Window" Item nr / format: 74178 / 7" Release date: 2007-04-02

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