Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tokyo police club • Cheer it on

Cheer It On / Citizens Of Tomorrow

I like bands that really sell it, that are screaming at the top of their lungs, playing like this might be the last recording ever, I mean what are you leaving behind? Does this get lost somewhere, you just get jaded and with experience, it's been done, the expectations, it's not fun anymore.... it becomes work.
Can you only record one decent album before it all turns to shit?
They are capturing some kind of pure fun here, even in the obligatory slow jams. The tracks are meticulously crafted, like they care, they have rehearsed enough to be competent, and still carry that garagey feel. This isn't an act. They don't get stuck in a line of thought, it changes too quick to pin it down. I just get enough to want to hear it again.
I love this sound of rocking, really strong rhythm, distorted bass hooks, and then a great keyboard front and center, and it's exhausting. It has a dramatic kind of bloc partyness to it, maybe because I've been giving that a chance lately.

Nature of the experiment is a great track at their myspace I keep listening to. I don't want to get sick of it. I don't want to kill it, maybe I kind of have to to see if I still care in a month.
They have just launched into a massive world wide tour from the looks of the insane listing of shows they have lined up in the next few months.
Hello all,
Just a quick email to let you all know that this week sees the release of Cheer it On, the new single from Tokyo Police Club. The 7" and digital download both come with the exclusive track, 'Citizens Of Tomorrow (Space Ballad Version)'.
go get it now at the following reputable retailers...
Memphis Industries Shop

I had a really great time at the looserecord party saturday night, everyone was so great, I didn't feel like some seven inch freak, and I'm excited to keep writing for them. That is a quality organization.

The nature of the experiment / box 7 inch is still available at Insound also. I am really going to order this.

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