Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sic Alps • semi streets

This was really interesting and I'm still not convinced that I was playing it at the right speed, I tried it a few different ways and I think 45 was the best.
I am cutting noise / experimental stuff a wide berth. I'll admit I want to like this stuff, I really do...I tend to listen to it in addition to the instrumental rock, pelican, explosions. This fits in with all that in a way that electronic can't. I've seem it described as psychedelic? but I think of completely different stuff...I would say maybe dead meadow is psychedelic, if anything. That word is too loaded with a time period...get a new word. New words come along every week in music, for a good reason, everything can't be rock, it has to be divided into smaller and smaller subsections...but you'll never hear me describe something I like with those words....they are reserved for nerd writing like this.

I recommend this release and I'm going to look for a full length as well.

This description doesn't bother me...I kind of like it:

sic alps - semi streets 7"
'Semi-Streets' 'And What Came Next' / 'Brill Building' 'Social Strats'

$5.50 ppd usa

$8 ppd world

Sunshine filtering through broken windows into a moldy basement, a hammock full of leaves, fire ants bogged down in a patch of honey, sprawled upon a sandy off-peach tattered beach towel in the park: Summer's come and gone. Sic Alps bring a warm haze and lo-fi fuzzed jangle to keep it's memory alive. A-Side previously released as a cassingle on Folding. B-Side has brand new noise.

It's on skulltones.

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