Friday, March 16, 2007

kraftwerk - picture disc

'Showroom Dummies' / 'The Model'

There is so much kraftwerk out there it is ridiculous...the number of different versions of singles and 12"'s and full length albums...they were truly a global band back in the late 70's. The fact that virtually every country for the 'autobahn' single had it's own version, slightly different mix and kraftwerk is a testament to the universality of this music. And more then just a novelty, this was way ahead of anything.
Once I listened to trans-europe express in the middle of nowhere on vinyl, where I could really turn it up... it was incredible. I sat on the floor listening to some of the sounds, the frequencies are really raw, it's barely an effect, just a sine wave. And it's still like nothing you have ever heard. The bass and lower end things that are going on are really incredible. I can't imagine what it might have been like to see them live.
It's the rare rare case of a band that hasn't been imitated...ever. No one would attempt to directly copy this style, yet they influenced everyone, all of music.
Like sun-ra it was so completely alien, it must have been scary for them when they first started rehearsing. How was this going to be received? Would the speakers explode? It's just unbelievable they even existed.
Even weirder is this picture disc recently's available from a bunch of's not cheap though, somewhere around 10 bucks.
KRAFTWERK-Showroom Dummies PIC DISC 7” (Fanclub/ECR20658) $12.50
“Beautiful limited "fanclub" 7" pic release.

groovedis shop:
Gorgeous picture disc 7" comes in clear plastic bag. Feats "SHOWROOM DUMMIES" on the A-side and the classic "THE MODEL" on the flip. Digitally re-mastered and the version of "THE MODEL" included here is an alternate take NOT on the "MAN MACHINE" album. Very collectible

and it's at a bunch of places I've never heard of (except scratch):
720 records.
Opus records.
Scratch records USA
Net sound music?