Monday, April 2, 2007

field music

A House Is Not A Home / Logic

I was so close to getting this album this weekend, people keep recommending it to me, it's something I've come across before and I think I listened to it, but don't remember how it turned out. All the reviews sound like it would be up my alley.
I saw the books at the whitney, and they are really amazing live, they just seemed like nice guys and there was such a visual element to their music, every one of those samples is directly tied to a film or piece of news broadcast and to see that pop up in the middle of the performance and perfectly match the sample was great. Now that's all I can think of. I had to remember to keep watching them...a lot of the video samples taken o0ut of context were of course ridiculous and people would start laughing in the middle of the song, which was pretty weird, I don't think that happens very often. I don't know if they always perform that way but, that must be strange for the books too.
I have to make sure I have all of their releases.
FIELD MUSIC : A House Is Not A Home details + samples
Sunderlands most plucky band release another charming 7" that confounds their rise over the past year. "A HOuse Is Not A HOme" is all over the place in terms of structure but that's what gives it it's charm.

From Memphis Industries, or netsounds music it's import only

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  1. field music *is* a worthy purchase. if you like self, you will love them.