Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Effi Briest - Mirror Rim

It figures I'd have to find out out about this band in my own backyard through a UK label, Loog records. This band of 8, features Elizabeth from the Psychic Ills, and it sounds like from this Dusted article that it was a bunch of friends getting together in a basement to hang out with no expectations and eventually turned into this strange collaboration. I can see why it sounds a little like Siouxsie with some 60's psyche thrown in.
It's definitely their myspace track Long Shadow, there is this amazing feedback echo guitar screech that's just amazing.
The Siouxsie comparisons might come from that layered singing where the syllables are kind of drawn out and all over the register, while kind of half yelled. High low high, all harmonized, with a little's a little spooky. They might have more in common with These are Powers then that era of music, it's not emulating anything directly.
This description from some euro-distro really is throwing me off, this is not catchy indie pop, and kate bush? Please don't.
The B-side is on their myspace and it's just plain weird. In the best way, they are benefiting from all their members influences, bringing just enough of a specific vision to make it unlike anything else.
Sadly, import only my friends.

Briest, effi-Mirror rim-The debut single from this brooklyn based all girl collective on the loog label, the single features some damn fine and infectiously catchy indie pop with some really quirky edges to it, falling somewhere between the likes of cocorosie, kate bush, early siouxsie and the edgy art rock of arcade fire, its got a really psychedelic sixties pop feel about it too, impossible to describe but it will stick in your head all day particularly the almost american indian like chanting chorus, also features newly weds song on the flip side, october 2007-7"-Loog

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