Thursday, March 27, 2008

Born Ruffians

This is a little borderline, there are elements I like a lot, but they are just making noise too, in a bad way. Too many 'hey's' and 'oh's', I almost gave up right into the first 20 seconds of hummingbird, it's too cutsy in that self aware way, trying to be catchy..or it's just too much, there trying to sell it a little too hard. But then they vaugely sound like cap'n jazz, all yelling and voice cracking, don't know any better choruses. They aren't entirely self conscious, but it's bordering on irritating.
The Track 'Foxes mate for life', is a weird electronic departure from the poppy hyped up fun, it's a great track that stays interesting and maybe reminds me a little more of a smart Les Savy Fav, the vocals aren't as typical...this is a good one.
Then I saw that they covered Grizzly Bear's 'Knife' on the B- Side and I'm willing to give them more of a chance, they're instruments are in the right place.

Born Ruffians is a horrible, boring name though, throw an animal in there and an exclamation point for god sakes.

On Warp records.

Born ruffians-Hummingbird-The third single from born ruffians and their first one for the warp label so far. A nice bit of explosive indie rock with hints of the quirky alt rock of the pixies blended with the violent femmes. Also features a cover of the grizzly bear track knife on the flip side. March 2008-7"-Warp-

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