Tuesday, March 25, 2008

tyvek/cheveu west coast tour split 7"

Tyvek is more low-fi garage pure rock greatness, it has the same feel as Be Kind Rewind, the way Michel Gondry uses almost nothing to create a huge effect but still so different you aren't even comparing it to the thing it might be influenced by. It's something like that.
I think if you took some babies and put them on a planet where there was no rock and gave them a guitar and drums and a bass, it would start with something like sonic youth noise, just making crazy sounds but eventually after years you would have this raw tyvek sound...it's almost inevitable, it's in the DNA of the instruments. We keep coming back to it.
I could listen to this all day. I don't even think there's a full length yet just 4 or 5 7"'s which have not gone unnoticed. Nodzzz, Tyvek, Cococoma, Times New Viking, Jay Reatard, Rob's House, Coathangers....these are the year 2000 garages. This didn't even have to try, it just leaked out into the street and pressed itself on vinyl.
Cheveu takes this sound in a more electronic, junky direction, but always pulling weird effects and things into the same garage. Maybe their dad worked on computers and Tyvek's dad had like some rusted musclecars. You work with what you have. They both did the same conceptual thing and ended up on this split west coast tour 7 inch.
I just ordered the Cheveu LP from S-S records, but now I have to go find something else to add to this split 7". Oh well. I know it's hard.
That sleeve looks great too.
Go get a taste of both.

TYVEK/CHEVEU-split 7” (S-S/SS027) $4
“Two months after Tyvek & Cheveu's fantastic West Coast tour, the "tour" 7" comes out! Right on. Ahhhh but many of you would have missed them anyway, so all you had was a wait on your hands. Right on. Tyvek is from Detroit. Like the first, with ‘Future Junk’, Tyvek continue to explore the melodic fringe of DIY, stealing bits & pieces from the classics but pulling it off...Cheveu, on the other hand, continue to spiral into new directions. On ‘El Tortuga’, it sounds like our dirty French men have been sucking on Another Man's Sac. Of course, it is a sideways suck. What else would you expect from the one band to define the cheap phrase "weird punk" better than anyone on the planet. No fancy pressing info on this: Just two good songs.
Only a few in stock, label has less than 100 left of their 1000 pressing.

On S-S records.
They also have copies of the Mayyors 7", so now you have no excuse.

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