Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Juiceboxxx / Japanther split

I love Japanther.
Any band that can give death from above a run for their money has my full support. That must have been a tough crowd, to open for one of the most innovative two member bands...easily the most successful... with their new album, other than of course, the white stripes. But, they are pretty derrivative, really just following classic zepplin/ozzy/ blues to a new unforeseen inevitable endplace. But DFA1979 don't sound like anything came before them, they are pioneering an entirely new sound. I think I know what I'm going to hear and then Japanther opened, I can see exactly where DFA started, the influence, the raw DFA....It's even more low-fi, they flip the cassette tape over with the backup tracks in the middle of the set. Just a boombox plugged into a marshall stack. I can't even see the equipment they are using, it's all covered in flourescent gaffers tape, and spraypaint. But they outplayed everyone.
I'm so glad they have some live tracks on their myspace, because no recording I have heard really does them justice. It's such a contrast, the studio tracks with clear drum machines and synth, and this quiet singing voice. It's amazing they do both.

It's almost a goddam waste because juiceboxxx sucks ass. This isn't funny, it's sad. Is this a joke? It doesn't seem like it's that funny.
But half of a 7" is better than nothing.

Juiceboxxx/Japanther - Thunder Jam Number Four b/w The Gravy 7" (Decorated Records)
This split 7" is a banger for the DJs. Y'all know the Juiceboxx legend is growing exponentially -- meanwhile Williamsburg noise-rockers Japanther supply "The Gravy." Letter-press covers by The Arm!

Buy it for 5.50 from deleted records, that's a deal on yellow vinyl.

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  1. A video by Juiceboxxx was included in a show here in Boston. The whole show felt really simplistic, but that video made me really angry -- it was just so bad.

    Here's the review -- I was trying to be nice to a new gallery and should have been more critical.