Thursday, March 22, 2007


If you mention unwound even as an influence, you've got my attention, and if I go wayyyy back to fake train I can see it, not the later unwound I know and love but the early chaotic punk unwound. This is closer to that. Maybe they will evolve. I'm glad they are a named influence, it's enough to get me to take a chance. It's nice to get a record with crazy customs stickers all over it waiting in the foyer of my building. i really wonder what the mailman must think all these flat 7" packages are.
Listen to the lovvers
Academy records in williamsburg is insanely expanding their indie 7" section. There was a time it was merely a few inches big, now it's grown to like at least 4 reminded me of sweet amoeba records in SF. ahhhhhhhh.
bye money....

Lovvers EP
Lovvers 7" - 4 tracks, jukebox hole because this'll be played in jukeboxes, art with horses seemingly in love. Too good to be true? There's more: YOU will love this record. It has a chaotic Monorchid/Unwound vibe. A four piece band from the middle of the UK. It was recorded a few weeks after a near fatal car crash involving all members; it has a pressing of 330. It sounds crisp and crackling with energy, just the way we like it. The band are gigging throughout March and April and almost certainly beyond. Go and see them in London on Tuesday night. They recently toured with Blood Red Shoes***. The record is available online now and in the shops on April 16th.

Let's see if 8$ import is worth it. Thanks to the Jonson family records.


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    hey jason
    did you enjoy the lovvers record?

  2. It was alright... very raw punk, tons of guitar noise, which I like, but I didn't really latch on to anything. I will be getting that second release though, and keeping an eye out for a full length.