Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the knife - pass this on

Musically this is going places that bjork has gon already or the faint, not to take anything away from this. It's competently executed, it's bridging that gap between dance and intelligence. I can feel good about this moving me but I still just can't accept that this could be album of the year according to pitchfork. Out of everything released, this is the best album from 2006?
I think I might like it more, but now the expectations placed on it are too high, I just can't listen to this without thinking about their decision. Am I letting pitchfork affect me too much? Maybe. I just wonder we'll think of this 2 years from now.

I would love a 7 inch and for that matter, I am curious to maybe get the 3 disc edition coming out. I could nerd out on a 5.1 surround mix of some of these songs, but do I have the balls to play them at the appropriate volume? Probably not. This is a headphones band.

We got a bunch of this deleted vinyl. Numbered edition made in 2000 copies. We have the last ones! 1. Pass this on - Live 2. You take my breath away

This is on hotstuff...which is a new import place I found, but I have no idea about the exchange for SEK? But it's the last place on earth this single is available.

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