Monday, March 19, 2007

Rococo records - Les Savy Fav

'hit by car' / 'hit by train'

Rococo records is amazing, I have been trying to talk about thee two seven inches for a while, but I wanted to do them justice. Rococo has so many great releases on their website, they are true truly in love with vinyl, and I am with them. I saw the Les Savy Fav and casiotone 7"'s a while back and ordered them of course. Then this amazing package came a few weeks ago. In it Nicole wrote me a great letter about the seven inches I ordered, on 7" stationary, and apologised for the les savy fav cover, promising to send the 'real' cover once it was printed. Then telling me about her brothers band and they still had a few copies left of their 7".

Again, this is what makes seven inches so great. Rococo obviously appreciates them. You know who else does? Les Savy Fav. They love seven inches and even after a comprehensive collection of all of them on one CD, they just keep going. It's like they can't help it.
This has to be one of the most consistent, exciting bands for me. I never know what to expect and really they never disapoint. But to do this concept 7" about being hit by things on both sides, it's too much, when will they get to that point where even for themselves, they don't know what to do next.
Rococo better be proud of themselves. There is no better seven inch you can get. The hit by car side, like Nicole said, made me have feelings, lots of them. it's a very sad, rocking song about the car he didn't see.
I will have to keep checking up on Rococo, they are suprising me with the stuff they have released recently and it obviously is run by some great people. I for one am going to support them, you really should too.
The casiotone seven is equally as good, but I think I talked about that a while back.

Insound says:
VINYL FORMAT. LIMITED EDITION, only 1000 pressed.Includes: 'Hit By Train', and 'Hit By Car'

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