Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Microphones -
'Don’t Smoke' / 'Get Off The Internet'
7” (P.W. Elverum And Sun, Ltd.)

I'm torn about the microphones, I heard a lot about them and really got into the drums of mt. eerie, instrumental and mental versions. I still wish it could have been so much more. The glow part II, got so close to genius so many times, with just a little editing, it really could have been all hits, all quiet and sneaking up on you perfection. I still liked it, it's stuff I need to revisit for sure. He has a great vocal quiet style and I remember a lot of tracks suddenly catching me off guard, but too much of it was unsuprising, almosty ambient. I zone out and then all of a sudden remember I wanted to pay attention this time and really listen.
I like one man 4 track home recording projects, and will never be sick of them. So you better believe I already ordered this from his website, which I love. Thank you internet, I can buy seven inches directly from people I love and with paypal it takes 1.46 seconds.

These two songs are a 2007 modification of punk directness. "Do as I say"-style lyrics and "feel as I feel"-style music. It’s quite different from the introspective metaphorical state park parking lot songs the Microphones have become known for. Over modern grunge these songs simply state, "There is no God. Deal with yourself. Clean up your mess. Take responsibility."

or at Atomic records

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