Monday, April 23, 2007


Bipolar Bear: 1. German Army 2. Mantut / Watusi Zombie 3. HAPPA NO RAPPA!!!!

Bipolar Bear: Abrasive, could use some better production...I love the reverb vocals in an audience hall, but the rest sounds too clean. There's different values to the instruments, it's throwing me off. Some of the other tracks are getting more coherent, more of a together sound. They can play, this isn't an experimental throwdown, which is a nice break.

Watusi Zombie: garage, experimental rock, it's catchy and this is a complete package of Japanese insanity, I can't even understand what is going on here, but they have some nice riffs and obviously understand how to rock, but with a little bit of fucked up-ness.

NEW BIPOLAR BEAR/ WATUSI ZOMBIE split 7" in the store. Split 7" with Bipolar Bear, Watusi Zombie bring the rock and roll back to Kill Shaman, Japanese style. These Kyoto boys bring one 5 minute epic to the table. This album is going to be quite a jewel, as Watusi is pretty famous in Japan. Awesome cover art too by Expo '70 design.

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