Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinosaur Jr • Been there all the time

Wow, this is crazy. Dinosaur Jr.'s back together with the original members. I have to admit, I liked Dinosuar Jr. in high school and I remember having one album about a pickup or something, maybe it was an EP. Then seeing the spike jonze golf video from Feel the pain, I probably listened to the hell out of that record.
Then I found out about Lou Barlow, and his feud with Jay, this seemed like the evolution of those Dinosaur Jr. ideas...something seemed more authentic about it. I started back in a new direction on my 4 track immediately. In fact who needed a 4 track. Anything that could record would work. It's about the music in the end, not the way to capture the sebadoh wouldn't have existed if the original band hadn't broke up. People told me songs were based on their relationship, like the freed pig. I remember in interviews Lou saying he wasn't going to have one solo in his music ever. And I took that like the bible. No more solos.
'Those fucking Jay mascis solos are shit!' They actually rock pretty insanely, even as I'm typing this on my tiny ibook speakers the solos are forcing me to turn it down even quieter if that's possible.
So they're back together...there are old friends I wish I could still talk to, but then again...

Dinosaur jr-Been there all the time-The first single to be taken from the brand new album featuring the original three piece lineup of j mascis on vocals and guitars, lou barlow on bass and murph on drums, its just like being right back in the early days of dinosaur jr with the distinctive sounds of j mascis on vocals and that explosive guitar sound over the driving sounds of barlow and murph, also features back to your heart on the flip side with lou barlow taking over the vocal duties, april 2007-7"-Pias-?3.99
I've been trying to find somewhere stateside to carry this but so far it's only been on road recs or phonica.

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