Thursday, April 26, 2007

jill cunniff bonus 7"

Jill Cunniff is from luscious jackson, I listened to In search of Manny a lot, skateboarding in the garage, branching out from the usual punk rock or industrial. It's funny this new stuff seems like a modern extension of luscious jackson. There is a very particular drum sound, like the high hat is slowed down, and really loud in the mix. But it sounds like summer to me and if this came on the radio, I wouldn't run over and turn it off.
There still is something great about the 'radio' or let's say itunes radio, something different than a random mix, even if there's tons of stuff you haven't heard. But when a song comes up you've heard a million times comes on, it's new again. There's something about it going out there, to people listening...maybe it's an 'ah ha' moment where you know what everyone is talking about.
I just noticed the b-side on the 7" is a luscious jackson cover...that's interesting.

JILL CUNNIFF-City Beach LP+7” (Vinyl/VFR12007) $18.50
“Solo album from the lead singer of Luscious Jackson on limited vinyl with a bonus vinyl-only track and a two-track 7" single! 500 copies to be pressed on orange/pink vinyl and 500 on red/yellow vinyl. Features Emmylou Harris on the track "Disconnection", cover artwork by Jill Cunniff herself. Luscious Jackson sold over 2 million records worldwide during their career, and will release a greatest hits compilation on Capitol this year. Tracklisting: 01. Lazy Girls 02. Happy Warriors 03. Nyc Boy 04. Warm Sound 05. Eye Candy 06. Apartment 3 07. Love Is A Luxury 08. Exclusive 09. Kaleidoscope 10. Future Call 11. Calling Me 12. Disconnection 13. Like Smoke / 7”: 01. Kaleidoscope (Fader Creeps Reworking) 02. Ladyfingers (Luscious Jackson Cover)”
It's for sale at

If you preorder this full length there's a 7" in it for you from Midheaven and scratch records..

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