Monday, April 30, 2007

peter bjorn and john • Objects of my affection

I ordered this a little while back from mod lang, this place has been hooking me up with every import I want, it's insane. I can stop bitching about only being able to order stuff from overseas. I just emailed them and they had everything. It's dangerous...they even had stuff I found a while ago that I was sure was gone. It seems ridiculous ordering this stuff from California, but I'm just happy to get it.
So I wasn't sure when I put this on the turntable this weekend, would a second single hold up? I couldn't remember this song specifically. Plus I wanted to hear what girl talk would do with this. 'Objects....' is great, it made me remember why I like it when PB&J comes up on the ipod. It's not too cutesy, or poppy for me, it's like the perfect mix of catchy and listenable...I haven't gotten sick of it yet. The girl talk remix wasn't anything super special, the typical dance mix, some bass synth sounds and then the vocals are super echoed. I kind of wish he would just thrwo caution to the wind and remix eveything with a thousand unclearable samples. I mean fuck it, someone should. I don't think that's finished yet.

Peter bjorn and john-Objects of my affection-Features a new version of objects of my affection from the writers block album, this is yet another sweet uptempo indie pop song with a real early motown feel about it, also feature a girl talk remix of lets call it off on the flip side.

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