Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Islands Tomlab 7"

I keep listening to that Islands album because the Unicorns were so great, but I don't think the Islands lived up to what I wish it could have been. I think it's one of those things where all of these members are worth watching out for musically, as I'm sure there will be many more side projects, with seven inches like these. It might end up like animal collective, going off in all kinds of directions...I still pull out that purple unicorns 7" and listen to it every once and a while.
Tomlab keeps pulling out the stops with this massive alphabet project. I love that they couldn't have had all this planned out, they must have just decided to release things as they were figured out. Only 6 more letters left!

TOM93S | released: 30/03/2007
7 " | 4.50 €

ISLANDS from Montreal, led by Robinson Crusoe-ish (sans beard) Nick Thorburn, is a rag-tag bunch from the weird side of the tracks. Their first full-length "Return To The Sea" spawned the yummy leftover (think polenta with red wine): "Dnttakemy Wingzz Away", essentially beautiful thanks to clever string arrangements and a fluffy melody. "Flesh", an energetic and unbeatable classic, predates R.T.T.S. by 6 months, and is the first recording Islands ever made. This is some zygote-shit right here and it´s both previously unreleased (!!)

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