Monday, April 9, 2007

the preakness • 7" EP

Summer has begun...I know it's early, but I'm already listening to this out on rooftop beach. Well, ok it's still cold, but I will. I opened the window and imagine sitting out on the fire escape, and then stay inside.

This is the kind of poppy fun 1990's sebadoh, dinosaur jr., tracks that where I would just keep playing the seven inch over and over. There's some girl/guy harmonies, some acoustic guitar, some electric solo's...not too crazy. I'm just in the mood for it. The minute I went back to review it, I had to go get it from eskimokiss records. I know I'll like this...and it's a 4 song EP, that's the way to do it. Where have the bands like this gone? The eric's trip? The softies? Bring it back preakness... when you mention lo-fi and basement, it's almost like you're trying to be best friends...we are already.
A little history: The preakness started as Brandon's lo-fi project in the basement over many years, and since spring of 2006 has evolved to a full band. Thanks to Tracy Clark and Tim Genius, we're in all-out rock mode. We keep it simple, hooky, and to the point, like back in the day when all you needed was a boom box and some duct tape to be an indie rocker. (no tight pants)
The preakness

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