Monday, May 14, 2007


I got Panzah' Radiohead rework kid a project and I was excited about this idea, deconstructing a whole album, but in the end it didn't hold my attention for more than a couple listens, it wasn't the mysterious mess I wanted. The samples were pretty recognizable, and repetitive. It wasn't a far enough departure from the source for me. Still I applaud the effort.
I like conceptual albums, and this 7" is no different. You can listen to the A side here, and as much as I like this mashup, it basically just puts the two together. Guess what, 2 great songs = 1 great mix. It's a pretty easy equation. I just don't hear anything startlingly new.

I also applaud the releases that fly in the face of copyright law. This won't be around long.
It's $5 from token recluse.
BECK vs PANZAH ZANDAHZ : Beck Mash-Ups 7"
04/05/2007 Two ill BECK mashups.The A-side uses the old BDP rap classic "You Must Learn" and drops it onto Beck's Headhunters-driven "Cellphone's Dead" to killer effect, the flip gets ghetto fabulous with Kool Keith ontop of a heavily edited mix of Beck's "Hollywood Freaks". Hand numbered/500 copies.
Or available from Phonica

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