Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Electrelane - to the east

'To the East' / 'Carolina Wren'

I always wanted Nico to be good. There was a time when I was going through the velvet underground phase, and I branched out to her releases, and there was something about those recordings, almost daniel johnston-esque, the vocals were almost driving you away, but then that's why you liked them. It's just that half of her records were unlistenable, but certain tracks.....she just had a voice that wasn't like anything. I t wasn't even her voice but they way she was singing? Anyway this singer really reminds me of her, she has a slight accent, and sounds like she can't be bothered to open her mouth.

This also sounds like Stereolab, there's a lot of similar things going on her. Not the hyptnotic repetition, but playing with sound, electronic keyboard heavy sound.
I really like 'To the East', on their myspace...catchy stuff.

Get it from resonance store...it's imported.

Electrelane-To the east-This is the first single to be taken from the brand new album on too pure from this all girl, this is pure old style catchy indie pop and features some rare vocals for electrelane, try to imagine some early stereolab with more guitars and a vocalist walking the fine line between singing in and out of tune akin to nico with the velvet underground, its quite simply just perfect lo fi indie pop, also features carolina wren on the flip side, april 2007-7"-Too pure

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