Wednesday, May 16, 2007

cold war kids • hospital beds

Cold War Kids have a Spoon/Ted Leo, back to basic, good songwriting feel. But whereas those two bands have something unique to lean on, Cold War Kids seems to rely heavily on the lead singers wavery... borderline whiny vocals, which can work with Connor Oberst only. There really only is room for one of those.
I think there is so much emotion in bright eyes delivery, that I only hear the pain, not how it's delivered. Here in Cold War Kids, Nathan Willet just sounds good, like he has years of voice training. That's one way to go about making music. I had a friend, he knew exactly where to place a microphone in front of an amp and what chord progression went with what minor key. All kinds of shit I never thought about...
He was successful in a particular kind of music I guess. That stuff is valuable but it can take over. I'm glad that the (indie) successful bands that I care about, don't worry about these things. It's one thing to be trained, to know what you are doing but you also have to forget it to do anything interesting.
Cold war kids-Hospital beds-Limited edition 7 inch pressing on the v2 label, features hospital beds from the album robbers and cowards, the b side features a live version of the sam cooke classic a change is gonna come with guest vocalist elvis perkins, may 2007-7"-V2-
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