Thursday, May 17, 2007


I can't fully endorse this release from the guy from orbital, I don't know that I really knew them when they were around, but it has robert smith on vocals, and I was thinking about Connor Oberst and how I really thought, "I don't know if he knows it, but this is the Cure, vocally anyway." Of course he knew, in fact he loved the cure...but when I left that world of the cure and morrissey, I just thought it was completely forgotten, but of course people grew up with them. I think I'm suprised they actually influenced someone musically. I took a serious listen to these albums again, and I'm glad they rereleased them.
Plus I have been listening to the hell out of the cure peel sessions, everytime it comes up. They are so about that time, and I try to think about playing that now, of actually going into a studio to record those songs. Before you know that you are good, before you've sold out arena's. That's when it's really amazing.

KIDS - 7"
Here's a collaboration you probably didn't see coming. A post-Orbital Paul Hartnoll taking on some swish, anthemic electronica with vocal accompaniment from The Cure's Robert Smith. The result is a surprisingly organic meeting of two artists with rather different backgrounds. Smith's vocals glide with a characteristic, warm sense of melodrama that makes for a very human, expressive counterbalance to the staunchly mechanised backing track supplied by Hartnoll. This 7' version comes with a Culprit 1 remix that preserves Smith's vocal and reinforces it with an epic helping of emo-electronics.
emo-electronics...that's awesome.

On Boomkat.

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