Thursday, May 3, 2007

grizzly bear

I heard them mentioned on Gilmore Girls with everyone else, yes that's crazy, and at this point, that show might be hurting some of these bands. They are at the end of their rope. Not even worth mentioning. But I guess you can't say no to that kind of name dropping on TV. I guess I would be pretty happy if something I did was mentioned on King of Queens or something equally assanine. On second hand, no I wouldn't.
Anyway I'm not on the grizzly bear wagon yet. It gets amazing reviews everyone loves it...I'm not on board with this freak folk movement happening. There's nothing especially exciting or interesting happening here for me. I might just not be in the place to appreciate this yet and so far they may be a little overrated in my book.
Don't get me wrong I would snap this up in a heartbeat.

New Seven inch from Grizzly Bear with two different versions of two of the best tracks from the album. The 'Knife' version is extra luxury, with grandiose strings and extra 'swoon', whilst the version of 'Easier' adds some acoustic depth. We personally think these interpretations are better than the ones on the album. A gentle summer 7 inch in a limited edition.
This came out of nowhere on warp records.


  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    get on the bandwagon dude. it's quality song writing, nothing freakish about it, just lush beautiful harmonies and pretty vocals and epic instrumentation

    it's fucking hot

  2. It's growing on me, I guess there's just a lot of this in my life right now...I gots to make some room for the slow epic sensitive.
    I want to rock!