Wednesday, May 2, 2007

saturday looks good to me

'Money in the afterlife' / 'All the Sidewalk Birds'

This cover grabbed my attention at Soundfix the other day and I knew I saw it at Polyvinyl so I picked it up. First of all, and it's not becuase I was just listening to The Fucking Champs VI, this is mixed really quiet...I thought there was something wrong with it.
Really I don't remember anything specific, I think the vocals kind of annoyed me, it felt a little unrehearsed, maybe too spontaneous. Just average. Here's the myspace, which I don't know if it really helps.

I like the cover though.

Saturday Looks Good To Me 7"

SLGTM's new full-length record doesn't street until Fall 2007, but you can tide yourself over for now with their other great new stuff, direct from the webstore: we now have a new 7", a SUPER-limited tour LP (with all previously-unreleased songs), and the Fred Thomas full-length Sink Like a Symphony.

SLGTM Money in the Afterlife 7" New SLGTM single featuring Charlie Koltak, Juan Garcia, Elliot Bergman, Scott Sellwood, and Fred Thomas. $5.

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