Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Best conceptual seven inch ever.

I'm trying to confirm it actually exists, but even if it doesn't, that's almost better.

There was an amazing movie
'Air Guitar Nation' that was out in NYC not too long ago... this man, Hot Lixx Hulahan was the winner of the entire competition.
He then 'recorded' this 7 inch EP of a performance, which is available from him directly...just paypal 4$ to craigums(at)

By the way it's completely silent.

I's genius.

I wonder what the tracks are called...also did he really go into a studio and 'play', I hope so.

It's also available from Scratch records..

And a 7inches first, Hot Lixx has authorized me to provide an exclusive MP3 sample of the 7". I am super honored.

Craig 'hot lixx' says:
'...possibly the most listened to record I'll ever put out!'....'while the john cage idea was a statement involving all sorts of politics, spirituality and alleged mushroom use i was just hoping for ironic points. i also just heard marcel marceau put out a blank record back in his day. that is genius. gosh, how i love the french.'


“Warning: There is no music on this record. Trying to contact this guys' manager who then had to contact his tour manager who then needed to pass hand-written message under the door of the Master Suite at Motel 6 was a challenge, but Wajlemac and 625 was able to finally get the incredible, the inaudible, US Air Guitar Champion Hot Lixx Hulihan in the studio to lay down some ripping air-axe tracks. Limited to 500, comes with full color cover. Go cry to your momma when you passed the chance up to get this and then they were all sold-out. Get your air-on.”

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