Tuesday, May 29, 2007

white stripes • icky thump • 3 7"'s?

I have strayed from the white stripes lately, in fact I was under the impression they might be pursuing side projects like the Raconteurs in an attempt to ease people into the idea of an immenent breakup. I don't know how much I listened to the last album, I think I've had a little overkill, my playlist of white stripes related material is pages and pages and with random playback I guess it just came up way too much....my fault...but my friend kept telling me I had to hear Icky Thump. It's pretty amazing...there are guitar sounds no one has ever heard before. This is part of a sign of genius, it's easy to have a great first or second album, but to extend this kind of quality to the sixth album? It's the same white stripes sound, just carried out to a new end point. The rock is still there, and honestly everything up to this point is pretty interchangeable, it comes from the same place, but with new elements of virtuosity every time.
Just to make a sounds like these with a guitar is an accomplishment.

They are great, and I hope they always will be. Whenever I search google for 7"'s, which is often I find that article about John Peel's 7" collection which had no less than 16 white stripes 7" out of the 142 found in his bedroom, in a box. That's a lot.

Now it's common knowledge they are fans of the alternative formats particularly the seven inch, but here they are just taking things to an entirely new level:
On June 11th, "Icky Thump" will be released as a physical single in the UK. The week prior to this is when the free 7" of "Rag And Bone" will be attached to the front of NME magazine, it will be specially etched red vinyl and is packaged in a sleeve designed to also house the "Icky Thump" special white vinyl.
I guess I have to get NME magazine somehow.
I also found this listing on ebay where this guy has at least 10 sets of this double 7". I would love to hear the b-side, but I think it's $11 plus another $9 for overseas shipping...it's not unreasonable, and this is a great track, I'm sure these are worth it.

7-inch #1

'Icky Thump' / 'Baby Brother'

7-inch #2: one-sided, etched white vinyl

'Icky Thump'

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