Monday, June 18, 2007

shearing pinx / silver daggers

Silver Daggers is some fucked up saxophone, and distortion, they are really fighting to get together, and it's pretty nice when it does. I think they have some kind of affiliation with Load records of course. Impressive stuff. Indescribable.
Shearing Pinx is 2 guitars, drums and some noise, I am into silver daggers sax, but I think I am more excited about these noises.
I kind of think I need to be isolated from any other input when I listen to this, like in a dark room with headphones in an easy chair. This stuff demands your attention, it is not background music.

This is on DNT records, and they are having a crazy sale on all of their catalog. $21 for any 5 7"'s, I'm choosing mine right now. Tynan runs the label and busts his ass creating all of this limited packaging, help him out and get something from this sale. There's tons of great projects releasing super limited stuff here. Racoo-oo-oon, Gang wizard, Woods, Magic markers. A world of unexplainable/nightmare sound to explore.
I guess I have to be in the right frame of mind to want to challenge myself and listen to this kind of thing, but I'm ready.

Shearing Pinx/ Silver Daggers split 7" $5
"Time to tell all the ’77 dudes to get hip to the ’07 sound. Vancouver’s Shearing Pinx and Los Angeles’ Silver Daggers are North America’s ambassadors for the new wave of skronk/thrash/post-whatever punk. The Pinx play angular, expertly timed, staccato waves of noise and punk. Two long songs sandwiching one short one in typical Pinx fashion. The Daggers (experts of interpreting animal sounds w/ regular rock instruments) create utterly epic art-punk jams complete with swirling synths and horns based around solid drumming and guitar/bass interplay. One track was recorded live at The Smell, coming complete with mosh philosophies, while the second track recalls David Byrne’s “boombox experiments” circa Stop Making Sense. Be sure to check out their new record on Load! In an edition of 400 numbered copies on concrete grey vinyl w/ hand stamped labels in 2 color silkscreen cardstock sleeves and a long insert." -arbor records

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