Thursday, July 26, 2007


This is a cross mashup if you will of drone and psych, outer worldly reverb, and layers of vocals, all effected. You wouldn't be wrong to I think I heard accordion on this myspace song. I don't know a lot about her, but briefly saw she's involved in a lot of other band projects and solo work. She's collaborated with a million people and all those influences ended up as fursaxa...completely unique.
Mt. St. Mtn. has released this limited 7", and I lives the sic alps release, so I would take a chance on this.
FURSAXA "Maidenstone" 7 inch e.p. {mtn-03}
- two songs - black vinyl - letterpress cover - ltd. to 500 copies
- first come, first serve
“A previous member of the band UN, Tara Burke {aka: Fursaxa} is now one of the epicenters and key collaborators of the North American free-folk movement, along with such luminaries as Jack Rose, Charalambides, Ben Chasny and the Jewelled Antler Collective. With her hypnotic, echoey church bell chanting, Burke possesses a power-filled vocal sound that harkens back not only to those other polar queens of disaffected freakout psychedelia Nico and Barbara Manning, but she is also akin to and inspired by Hildegard von Bingen, the 12th century Benedictine mystical abbess. With the low drone of chord organ and farfisa, detuned ringing guitar, and endlessly looped, multiply-tracked vocals applied with heaps of delay, Fursaxa sounds like a tripped-out medievalist perched upon a poppy petal. Burke has an alchemical
knack for turning folk into lo-fi, and then into sheer psych and back again, but more importantly, her music is pure humming narcosis.”


  1. wow, a review before the record was even out! you can get a better look at the cover on Jay Howell's (of blog:

  2. Not really a review...not until it's in my hands, but I got to the word out! Love the sic alps releases...thanks for the comment guys.