Friday, July 27, 2007

Seagull - the conqueror worm

Why do I keep searching these projects out? Because it is a never ending search for that sound that will just completely blow my mind. I think if you dabble in sound of any kind, this kind of thing on the fringes where when you read the description you're left wanting to hear that sound. That's exactly what I want....if only not to have to do it myself. It makes me glad that I can cross that off my list.
Badly recorded static fed through a bank of distortion pedals. Check.
SEAGULL-The Conqueror Worm 7” (Ketchup Cavern/KC01) $3.99 Debut release on newly formed Ketchup Cavern label, first vinyl release by Vancouver experimental musician Michael Piercey AKA Seagull after numerous self-released cassettes/CDRs. Performed using homemade noise generators and a gang of distortion pedals, The Conqueror Worm features five minutes of poorly-recorded static, roaring distortion (and some mysterious crackle added by the pressing plant). Guaranteed to confuse your neighbors. 1-sided 7" record, limited to 180 numbered copies, evil b&w cover.
This is on Ketchup Cavern records. Or from the myspace page. I just want to know why one sided? I could use a radiot edit or remix of the noise, that's hilarious and awesome.

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