Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bearsuit picture disc

I'll always remember this article I read in favor of filesharing and the writer used Bearsuit as an example...they were a band he didn't know, had always heard mentioned alongside other bands they liked and it was something that he would have never gotten into otherwise.
I have to say I always think about that story...honestly and me and my friend matt were talking about this the other day, when I had no money and there was no internet, I might read an article about this band I never heard of ...say Slint, and until I read 25 more that all mentioned them in the same sentence as whatever I heard from a friend then I wasn't going to just go spend $15 on it.
That's another weird thing, music has pretty much stayed the same price no matter what format for a long time.
Speaking of crazy music theories, I'm working on a spreadsheet showing the first seven years are it for a band. There are always exceptions but for the most part, the first seven years will be it, after that you just relive everything great. I don't know if it has anything to do with age also...but probably.
Anyway, I think the more access I have to more music, the more music I will buy....period. I might download to listen to something, and if I like it, I will buy it across different formats and have to have every album.
That's what this is a little also, get to the source, the people pressing the small run of records, give them your 5$. Like the panda bear guy and the free DVD. It's great and I'll donate of course, I want him to do more, and he deserves it.
Here's a Bearsuit pic disc...I like them too and can't nearly find enough of it stateside....i terms of vinyl. On their site they have a few sold out 7"'s they came across and put out there...that's worth the shipping. These don't exist anywhere.
Here's all the info to find this thing:

BEARSUIT are releasing a new single MORE SOUL THAN WIGAN CASINO on 20
August. The LTD 7” PICTURE DISC is available now for pre-order from FP

Get all 3

Also you can now pre-order our new snazzy picture disc vinyl (limited to 500 so be quick!). It was single of the week in the Guardian on Sunday - they said it was 'entirely brilliant' HURRAH!


or pre-order a download from:

Please please please buy it! We wanna CHART BABY!

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