Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DJ Shadow

There is a lot of stuff for sale on his website...don't get me wrong I'm glad he would take these show only 45's and get them out to the fans, but he's hawking a lot of shit. I don't know what it's like to have to live up to something like Entroducing, but I gave up on his new album. I understand you don't want to repeat yourself, and if he didn't do whatever he wanted we wouldn't have Entroducing, but I just don't get the new direction. I think William Basinski has the right idea, he keeps finding interesting loops and listening to them disintegrate. That's what we love, don't do a punk album, it wouldn't make sense.
Anyway, these came up for sale on his site yesterday and believe me I am tempted.

Ok…after much begging and pleading, we have our hands on a few copies of the 45 that Shadow gave away at the London show in July. According to Shadow, this 45 contains the track that he did for the Outsider LP featuring the Gift of Gab. It was not mixed until after the album was released, because, as Shadow told us, he simply “ran out of time.” This is classic Quannum material, a killer Shadow production with Gab at his best…this song appears NOWHERE ELSE, and according to Shadow, 500 copies were pressed, the majority of which were given away to the first several hundred fans in London. We’re almost ashamed to tell you how few we have, so if you don’t get one, from the bottom of our collective hearts…we’re sorry.

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