Friday, August 17, 2007

crystal castles / health

There's two seven inches here released from Crystal Castles and Health...I think.
I've been hearing the buzz about crystal castles and am definitely curious about Health.
I love the 8-bit nintendo-core sound from crystal castles and they are really punking it out. I don't think I've heard these sounds appropriated in this direction so successfully. It really kicks ass. I can only imagine a boss level in crystal castles where you have to have a dance off in an earthquake. Very excited to hear this video game nightmare.
This is such a nostalgic sound, and it would be easy to gimmickly pass it off as bad dance, but I think they dropping a new punk aesthetic on it.
It's crazy they are already playing webster hall? Wow.
Health sounds are coming from all kinds of places, there must be some liars in there...haven't given them a listen enough to know.

First is this split on Lovepump united, they released a great USAisamonster picturedisc and a crazy double 7" of awesome noise/experimental stuff.

The description from aquarius:
CRYSTAL CASTLES / HEALTH "split" (Lovepump United) 7" 8.98

Not exactly sure how to describe Health, they're sort of one of those awesome WTF noise rock combos, who weave wildly from sound to sound, while somehow retaining a distinct musical personality. Health, to us at least, sound like part hooky pop, new wave weirdness, Sonic Youth style indie rock soundscaping, and chaotic free noise. Not always in equal measures. The first track here is all chaotic tribal drumming and freaked out noise, angular guitars, and breathy SY style vocals, imagine some hybrid of Sonic Youth, 23 Skidoo and This Heat. Hypnotic and off kilter and so good. The other Health track is some weird eighties electro jam, with weird affected vocals, vintage synths, warm reverbed percussion and even handclaps.
But somehow the two tracks sound perfect together...
The flipside is the awesomely named Crystal Castles, who are not only named after one of the coolest video games ever, they also sort of sound like a punk rock version of the Crystal Castles music.
The core of their sound is full on 8 bit Nintendo core, all bleeps and bloops and buzzes, but over the top is sprawled some fierce Riot Grrl growl, plenty of distortion and crunch, with howled banshee female vocals, swathed in that weird Cher vocal effect. Weird. And then strangely, the other track removes everything BUT the video game jamz, leaving a tune that sounds like it could be music straight from some secret level in Mario Bros....
Nice thick sleeve, with creepy cover art, and pressed on super thick white vinyl.

The other one I saw, and this is why I had to combine these posts is the Crimewave split by both health and crystal castles and it's on trouble records for the UK.

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