Monday, August 20, 2007

Dan Deacon

I'm really going to give this a chance, I almost saw him live, it was down the street in Brooklyn and I just didn't. At the time I don't know if I was up for watching another electronic guy pounding on a laptop, standing there. But then I heard Dan Deacon is completely the opposite live, performing in costume in the middle of the space and really getting everyone into it. It was a million degrees that day and this warehouse had no A/C of course. There's nothing worse at some show packed into a hundred sweaty backs. I think I'm going to throw up.
He's coming back September 16th, somewhere, no venue announced yet, but I think I might try harder to check him out this time.
I haven't been to a show where I don't feel self conscious just standing there bobbing my head.

This is just really high energy, I wouldn't call it electronic exactly, there's a lot of interesting sounds and layers of vocals with tons of effects on them. I think the high pitch chorus that comes in on wham city part 1 is really great.

This seven inch is on Carpark records, and with a B side called 'Totally Boner Eat Shit', you really can't go wrong.

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat b/w Totally Boner Eat Shit 7" (Carpark)
To commemorate Dan Deacon's upcoming European tour, Carpark presents this limited edition single.

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