Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mika Miko

I am in desparate need of this sound lately. Not just shitty dime a dozen punk rock seven inches that I throw out by the boxfull, but something that borders on no wave or electro-something. Thanks to that book by Simon Reynolds 'Rip it up and start again 1978-1984' I've rediscovered the slits, though I could do without the reggae inspiration, or later hippie years essentially, Mika Miko is all of that sped thru 20 years of punk rock and then shot out the other side into great garage-punk.
I am all for this authentic back to basics sound. Everything down to the vocals just feels recorded right in the right space. Like Be Your Own Pet played in the garage and you brought a shitty tape recorder. Perfect.
I think it's weird to call this Punk. I think something can be punk in attitude and not really sound to me at all like Punk. Between this book and Real Punks don't wear Black I'm finding it important to really nail down these definitions, even though they are changing and I like abandoning the previous categories or using them in a fucked up prose way.
Anyway, to me this isn't 'Punk'

They have a seven inch on Post Present Medium records, for like $6

Wikipedia says:
5 women from LA play seriously fun punk music. "Mika Miko is an underground youth punk/noise band formed in 2003 in Los Angeles. They gained local popularity for their frenetic live performances which emulate being at a party and often take place at parties. They often play at The Smell, an all-ages venue in Los Angeles, where they are also volunteers.

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