Thursday, August 23, 2007

Deerhunter Bradford auctions 7"'s!...Feels dirty.

Bradford Cox is selling some music on Ebay, and shoes and books, but mostly music. I want to bid on something just to see if he'll autograph that Pere Ubu 7" box set. That would be too amazing, what a bonus. This is Bradford Cox! Deerhunter! He'll mail you his stuff!
Of course there are some great Deerhunter offerings here, like the Deerhunter/Alphabets split, or the 10" Atlas - bradford/alexander (black lips) side project (of which I have both or I'd be in there.) Or the real whirlyball blue swirled 7" ticket to the show they played with the coathangers. The best though is a numbered european tour single... it's #1 of 100. It's at $42, I've never seen that before....ever.

I've wanted that Cat power single for ever....but after this post I don't stand a chance.

It must be weird to list things 3rd person, coming up with a good description of your own projects.
I have to say I looked at a few of these 7"'s before I knew and the ebay ID didn't even hit me.

Check out his influences...John Cale, Sonic Youth, MX-80, T-Rex, John Fahey, the fleshtones...

Or a Fender Blender pedal! This is his music stuff! He probably used this a few times! Holy crap!
Ok, I'm trying not to nerd out. It's hard.

From the Deerhunter blog:
oh yeah and on a retarded oportunist note.. I cleaned out my room and closet and am trying to ditch a bunch of stuff so check out ebay my username is bradfordcox. i feel so dirty.

Hey, I feel dirty for looking. Like I opened your closet, or stumbled on your yard sale.
I just hope these aren't his last copies? It's like he's selling stock in his own company.

Nooooooooo not unwound? Bradford! Shit.
It's not even worth $7. I mean it is, but really there's a lot of these around....but then again, shipped by Bradford Cox! Damn that sells everything.

If you follow Brendon from Fugazi's film project Burn to Shine, Deerhunter just shot a piece for the next episode (?) of the series. Chad Radford has the exclusive pics. Can't wait to see this one, the bands keep getting better and better. I hope they aren't losing money on this because I've never really heard it mentioned before. It's good. Bands play, they set the house on fire.

So much awesomeness.

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