Friday, August 24, 2007

Tunng - Bricks remixes

You know what... now that I look at this I don't think I'm going to work out overseas postage and everything, it's really two remixes by Daedelus and Dntel of a new single 'Bricks' from their new album Good Arrows, I think I'll spend my money trying to track down the whole thing. I'm going to have to see how I still feel about them in their second release. They can be a tad too proper sounding sometimes. I want them to let loose a little, let the off sounds in, the mistakes. They are so delicate and quietly electronic, and I love the post production stuff they do with the vocals after the fact.
A song is recorded and then the real work starts. I think in this case it would be interesting to hear what these two 3rd parties woud do given the raw tracks to play with, especially Dntel, I don't really know Daedelus. It really makes sense in this case, the band pretty much remixes themselves on a daily basis.
There I go, I've convinced myself again.
It's imported from Full Time Hobby.

'Good Arrows' (due for release on 20th August by Full Time Hobby) is preceeded by our new single 'Bricks' on August 13th (download and ltd. edition 7", featuring remixes from Dntel and Daedelus). Download available to buy from August 6th.

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