Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tyvek double 7"

Going with the theme this week of garage-y awesomeness, I've been hearing about Tyvek all over the place, they have at least 2 7"'s still in print, and I don't just mean this double 7". I haven't seen that in a while...very cool. I can't think of what they remind me of, it's very raw, it was recorded like Big Lizard in my Backyard it sounds far away, like early lou barlow cassettes.
Dare I say Lo-fi? Was that term coined by Lou Barlow or am I an idiot? He said it all the time, named every track something-fi, even sang about it, but where did he get it?
Anyway, this could fit in with that time period. It's funny, they sound like they don't care, but I don't hate them for that.
It's like a good strokes demo.

I wonder how long it will be before someone makes them change their name, that shit is mad copyrighted. I used to have to staple that shit over the plywood on houses upstate. Fun.

Detroit outfit Tyvek with Summer Burns; a double 7" of guitar led lo-fi strumming energy all topped with over driven fast delivered vocals. All the usual stop-starts you'd expect from a garage band and some pretty intense moments that would be best sampled in a sweaty cellar without thought for fire escapes or smoking bans. Distorted guitar steals the show though as a beacon for slacker happy anti-fashion...coolio

Go get it on midheaven distro. It's put out by What's your rupture, but you can't buy direct unfortunately.

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