Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liars - Plaster casts of everything

I'm beginning to understand their master plan a little bit more now... The other side of Mt. Heart attack was a concept album, outside of their previous music direction of super noise experiments, with this new one they seem to be headed back to the noise/rock direction. There are still the tracks of drone drumming and high pitch layered singing which lulls me to sleep. Suprisingly 'plaster casts..' is reminding me of Ministry, it's guitar heavy and incessantly pounding the riff over and over. I keep thinking about them in Germany riding their bikes around and coming back to a warehouse studio and pounding this out.
I hope they come back to Warsaw to tour for this new one. This is going to be impressive live.
This is an import on Mute and comes out today.

Liars- Plaster Casts of Everything 7"/CD (Mute) 'Plaster Casts Of Everything' by the Liars is an upbeat, dramatic, repetitive, heavy, dirty, scuzzy, intense beast from this schizoid band. Catchy and simultaneously noisy. Quality alternative rock music. It's like The Stooges cossed with Can which is just about the greatest combination known to man/ woman. I need a bath after listening to this one. Out on Mute. Phil & Ant x

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