Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jens Lekman

Friday night at the drive in / Bingo

The Jens 7" I mentioned a little while ago is finally available through his website, along with his new album Night Falls Over Kortedala, I hadn't heard much about this but when I saw that picture disc, it was an excuse to go for both and ship them thousands of miles.
This isn't something I would usually find myself liking, but I can't help it, he's like a Scott walker or Morrissey, carrying on in that solo singer tradition, with just a hint of sad. I have to say he has a great voice. To hear him talk about his music or be interviewed, he's just really a sincere anomaly. It just got me every time it came up on random until I had to have more and more. It's a good afternoon choice and for some reason it reminds me of this american life and chris ware. The same sensibility. That old tyme simplicity, county faire's, a throwback. I imagine his house to be like my friend colin's, all crazy antiques and throw rugs on the hardwood floor. Stained glass in the kitchen, he has a monocle, and a smoking jacket.

Aug 5th - just checked and it turns out the dollar had decreased in value a lot since i checked last time. The prices have been adjusted. All placed orders are fine.
Night Falls Over Kortedala (vinyl, limited picture disc, simple plastic sleeve, no text / lyrics on September 5th, normal black vinyl on October 9th. Also with bonus-cd for pre-orders)
LP - $ 19

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