Friday, August 31, 2007


This is some great stuff, I was a fan of the other instrumental volumes, but with this indian slant, it's really taken this to a new level, like someone bet he couldn't do it, this must have been a challenge to try to something with it. It realy makes me want to go out an explore this genre. I know this is all hand picked, great loops, but it's all been Madlibed complete with sci-fi sound effects, it's a really great mix of sensibilities. Hip-hop India in the year 2200. I get some strange looks when people in the office walk by. This isn't just a sitar with some break beats, do I even need to say this? If you are a fan of his other stuff, this is continuing in this direction using a stack of indian wax.
The 45 has unreleased tracks and I got the album before this 45 was available, and I really want to get this again anyway. All the stones throw 7"'s are like the library of congress....essential.

+ with bonus 45 "Raw Ground Wire Hump"
+ with bonus 45
+ with bonus 45
+ with bonus 45
+ full list of stores with bonus 45 "Raw Ground Wire Hump"

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