Monday, August 6, 2007

joe colley

I found Anomolous records the other day and placed a huge Joe Colley order. I keep coming across him and these amazing sound documentations of his work. Putting the two together is near perfect for me. The combonation of my two favorite things. I even love the picture of the installation. This is obviously different from manipulated sounds, conceptually, it could sound the same, but the idea that this was recorded in the gallery as a field recording is exciting. That document, it's a part of the piece, in this case , the most important part, the audio.
What could that pile of speakers and hanging tweeters possibly sound like?
And then the fact it's a seven inch, an affordable multiple...makes it even better.
I am going to start pressing seven inches someday.
I think I'm a little inspired/depressed when I saw american splendor and he decided to stop spending all of his money on old blues records and publish his comics. It's sad because I don't want to stop getting new seven inches, but then I could put one out into the world.
An art label? I don't know...only documenting soundwork?


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    take the plunge. it's a fun, satisfying, broke, broke load of good times. i'm kidding. sort of. do it.


  2. Yea, that's my get rich quick scheme. Now everyone will steal my idea.