Tuesday, September 4, 2007

feist 1234

Every review mentions her low deep voice, like the one below with, 'husky tones'. I don't really hear it, it's nothing different from...say a Rilo Kiley or joan jett, (that might be going a little too far) and I wouldn't describe her as having a man voice. Not like Scarlett Johansson for example. It's pretty familiar actually. It's not one of those voices where you either love it or hate it or 'have to get used to it'. But at the same time I'm not super jazzed about the Reminder album. From what I've heard it just seems too poppy or mellow for my recent tastes. I'm feeling lately like I should work for my enjoyment, it's too easy to just write a fun song, where's the challenge in that? I don't listen to music to have fun. Christ.

You know amazon.uk has this particular 7"...I would actually use amazon if they carried 7" vinyl.

Feist-1234-Taken from her recent reminder album, the track is a real bouncy singalong summery piece of alternative pop with feists husky tones winning me over every time, the single comes backed with a heavy eighties synth pop tinged remix of sealion by chromeo, august 2007-7"-Polydor

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