Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Caninus - hatebeak?

This is pretty much your standard grindcore/death metal super fast 2 minute songs and a dog is growling and barking over the tracks. Not that it isn't scary, and nothing I ever want to hear again. Would dogs even like this? First there was hatebeak, that parrot singing over some metal, and now this crazy ass dog. They should tour together. I can see why everyone would be scrambling for this, it deserves at least a listen.
It is pretty disturbing... all I can picture is how the fuck do they do this live? Is the dog on stage? And of course they are animal rights/vegan guys, is that ok for the dog? I don't know, someone had to do this. Oh look they live in Brooklyn...that's nice.
They should play a benefit show for that football guy's dogs, get some more press.
Congratulations, we are one step closer to hell.

It's on Parasol distro:

Caninus Now The Animals Have A Voice PS, US PITBULL GRINDCORE ANYONE? Yes! You loved Hatebeak, the parrot fronted grindcore band, now you must bow to CANINUS, band w/Budgie & Basil, 2 pitbulls as singers. The most unholy sounds come from their mouths, not just barking but growling & various other gutterals. They also wrote the liner notes, where they declare "WE own YOU!" & there's various informative things about their rescue from the shelter & the truth about pits. CD has 2 demo tracks not on 7"

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  1. Hatebeak rule! Can't wait for "Number of the Beak!"