Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love is all - nothing to be done

It's funny, the random in my itunes skips Nine times that same song completely, I could go for days without hearing a single song from it and everything I don't want to hear comes up a bunch of times and I have to keep hitting 'skip.'
I've started rating every song too and it seems like even if you purposely don't pick 'play higher rated songs more often' it does it anyway. So that may have been a mistake, let alone to deal with the criteria for that, I mean do you rate against other artists? So I've come to the conclusion of, 'how does this track rate against others by the same artist?' I'm not going to compare lightning bolt to jose gonzalez, that's ridiculous, but it makes sense to me that 'Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)' is rated higher than 'Crown of Love'.

So I have to usually go find Love is all and play them, which is fine because I'm still doing it.

This 7" came out a while back, maybe march? and it just slipped through the posts, so amazingly today I found it for sale through a US distributor for $6. It's at backstreet merch.
Plus the full length, which is a bit pricey at $27, but it was a press of like 500, and there's 10 left.

You know one day you say, 'I'm only going to focus on seven inches', and then you turn around and your cleaning off a shelf for the big ones.....and your homeless.
I can't stop. Tell me it's a limited edition and I'll think about it.

LOVE IS ALL - NOTHING TO BE DONE/ Ageing had never been his friend
UK Double A side single. Vinyl only !

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