Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Menomena • Wet and rusting

had an amazing video for Cough Coughing, I watched that a million times and then the music hit me. My problem is that the first album really sounded similar, like a movement in a larger piece. I couldn't tell the songs apart half the time, or they would all get jammed together in a mess, which I liked because I'd find myself thinking I wanted to hear this particular song, and it would sound kind of like it, but then cough coughing would come up again and I thought I already heard it...weird. It was like a remix album...use the same beat in every song.
Now the next album seems really disjointed, and incoherent, all different from one somg to the next. Really amazing production, mixing sounds all over the place, tons going on...one for headphones for sure, they might be picking up where grandaddy left off for me.
The other thing that is bothering me and I don't know why, but I read something where they start every song with a metronome at a specific BPM, like fucking garageband, and then just come up with different parts, separately or together and then pick the best pieces, and go back and figure out how to play them live later. That's all I can hear now, and it makes me dismiss the entire album. I don't know why that seems wrong...or easy...maybe I'm jealous because they thought of it first.

I can't find this on the
city slang site, but I guess it will be there soon. It's import only and it's at Norman records.

: 'Wet & Rusting' (City Slang) Is a clear limited edition vinyl 7" single that comes in a blue envelope sleeve. A debut UK release from this American trio who are tipped for big things after favourable live reviews. It's kinda loud-quiet, fast-slow post post-rock dynamic with piano and vocals to the for. Sounds like it'll be doing big things on the old campus scene.

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