Friday, September 28, 2007

Joy division - love will tear us apart

You know I've always kind of look at this seven inch in peoples collections as 'duh' of course...every teenage girl would buy that, so I haven't given it much thought about getting it. I half expect it to be in every salvation army by now. As far as a song goes, can I even coherently talk about this? Am I going to shed any light on joy division, or this song?
This however is not just for high school, crying in your bedroom. You didn't know anything then, now you might actually know what it's like to be this sad. You can truly appreciate sad now like you never could before.
I'm also going to say this is a repress of the original release on Factory records, release #23. It has three tracks:
Love Will Tear Us Apart
These Days

Love Will Tear Us Apart
The second version is slightly faster and it like 10 seconds shorter. But I have to say I'm going through a little joy division fever, all those albums were just rereleased on vinyl and that movie, so I'm going to go listen to this single and read the continuum book before I see that movie. Catch me a different week and I probably will be sick of them, but I'm like that.

There have been a million covers of this song and there will be a million more.

This shouldn't just be import only from boomkat or norman...but that's the only place I could find it.

Joy division-Love will tear us apart-Reissue of this classic seminal track from joy divison, originally release in 1980 on factory records, the single comes in a reproduction of the original sleeve, features love will tear us apart original version on side one, side two features these days and love will tear us apart, September 2007-7"-London records

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