Monday, October 1, 2007


God damn chill with this fucking auction! Fuck. $50???!!!! Calm one should bid on this, I have a very good source that tells me this will be available on arcade fires website at cost! For everyone!
This is a Split 'tour only' 7" with Arcade Fire and LCD soundsystem. AF covers Serge Gainsbourg's "Poupee De Cire" and LCD covers Joy Division's "No Love Lost". They are selling these at shows, but just hold off for a month or so and it will show up direct from arcade fire ....I promise.

Unless you absolutely have to have this because you found a gold brick, then save your money. Honestly ,this is the kind of thing they are trying to prevent.
Relax... just picture's like some kind of beautiful uptopia. Everyone getting whatever 7" they want for's like willy wonka's 7" factory. A river of Arcade fire and LCD soundsystem split 7"'s, wade down the shore and grab one.

This auction is a scam, and goodgoodbuddy you should be ashamed of yourself....taking advantage of poor arcade fire fans....making me actually bid on this. I'm glad someone was emailing bidders to let them know. The first useful email I've gotten from ebay.

I didn't even know about this arcade fire 7" jackpot, holy crap! Every import arcade fire 7" for $10!, right from arcade fire themselves!

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