Friday, October 19, 2007

iliketrains - the deception

I have heard about them enough to be forced to form an opinion, I can respect a track built out of just banging drums, the guitars build up, like an even slower more chorus-y explosions...but I'm having trouble getting over these vocals. I like the music well enough and wish I could hear it without this singer...seriously I hate when it sounds like someone is way too loud and deep and you can hear every tiny exagerated mouth breath sound. Then he's singing so slowly it's like some kind of super goth soundtrack for the crow 4.

Iliketrains-The deception-Brand new single from this leeds based outfit on the beggars banquet label, this one sounds like morrissey or brett anderson fronting the post rock sounds of mogwai, its all very emotional and euphoric as the guitars slowly build up to a wall of noise to match the vocals, also features victress on the flip side, september 2007-7"-Beggars banquet.

If Morissey sounds like this then I need new ears.

This is on Beggars? Weird....well I guess not, Peter Murphy was on BB, and I didn't like him either.

Norman recs.

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