Tuesday, October 23, 2007

demented are go / deadbolt split on TKO

Wow, I had no idea Deadbolt was still around! I mean I'm sure they are, it's just the website doesn't look like it's been updated in a while, and I was sure with a new picture disc 7" that there would be some mention of it...but no, nothing.
I don't know where or how a friend of mine found them and happened to have them on one night, just casually...he always would be playing something crazy in his room at summer camp, and I was always kind of worried to ask him, like I should know all this stuff already. For some reason I always remembered Deadbolt, I'm sure I asked him about it or grabbed the tape. I do remember it was a tape. That was one thing I remember specifically looking for at the record store, actually writing down and asking someone to get it or order it.
They should go on every Halloween mix ever. They have completely dominated the rockabilly horror scene...they may have invented it.
Just take a look at their website you do not even want to fuck with these biker, hotrod building scary bastards. It's amazing they have time to write music, but you will be glad they did, it's not like anything else.
I have a bad impression of most 50's rockabilly mod whatever, like the stray cats or something, nothing I'm going to ever put on...kind of interesting, but it's like frank sinatra...who cares.
This takes it to a new level, it's the only way I can hear it now...dangerous, and maybe that's what it sounded like when it was around...the sabbath of it's day.

This is a split on TKO records, and I know nothing about the other bad, but Deadbolt is so amazing, it's worth it, and of course a picture disc makes perfect sense.

Prepare yourself for a Shock-a-billy double creature-feature of epic porportions!! TKO has teamed up two of the evilest bands on the planet for this vile, unholy split 7"... Fittingly, just in time for All Hallow's Eve!! Original UK Psychobilly madmen DEMENTED ARE GO spread the disease with "Sickness In Truth," one of their rarer crowd favorites. On the flipside, San Diego Voodoo-billy kings DEADBOLT channel the spirits of Link Wray, Johnny Cash, John Wayne and Rodney Dangerfield like only they can. Both sides feature the blood-stained brushstrokes of IMAGE COMICS artist Barf Callahan!!! LIMITED TO A ONE-TIME PRESSING OF 2000 COPIES!!!

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